Sunday, July 17, 2016

Parappa the Parody Anime DJaxs on Youtube

PaRappa the Parody Ep. 1: Don't Do Drugs, Kids!:

PaRappa the Parody Ep. 2: Check Out My Mixtape!:

PaRappa the Parody Ep. 3: Roast Session!:

PaRappa the Parody Ep. 4: DJ Love!:

Parody Fan-Base User DJaxs in Parappa the rapper anime Youtube :)

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Notebook type Sumahokesu

For Android of Parappa of notebook type Sumahokesu also started selling! 
Furushi dojo is now as it is the case! Parappa and appearance of onion teacher is cool design ♪ <Product Description> , notebook type case type: iPhone5 / 5S / Case for SE specification Android general-purpose seal specification M size 142 (vertical) x width 68 (when folded width) x 16mm (thick) Android general-purpose seal specification ML size 151 (length) x width 80 (when folded width) x 18mm (thickness) fit the size of the Android, please check the following pages.
I'm home, notebook-type case for iPhone6 ​​/ 6s is out of stock.

Price: 4,860 Yen (JP) $46.30 (USD)
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Parappa the rapper Hat Deviantart

Cosplay in user by KayPikeFashion deviantart Parappa Hat original is user Hat Videogame :D

Kick, punch, its all in the mind, if you want to test me i'm sure you'll find, the things i'll teach ya, is sure to beat ya, but nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher, now KICK!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fan Art in Parappa The rapper #1

That was two fan art deviantart by the sace Fan yashichi in ss2sonic

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Parappa appearances in Robot Chicken

Parappa & 50:                                                   

Can't Be A Crime To Kick A Dope Rhyme:

Ballad of Gay Tony:

Robot Chicken in Parappa He began the first appearance Can t Be a Crime To Kick A Dope Rhyme and until last appearance Ballad of Gay Tony :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Original Sumahokesu Parappa & Thunder Bunny

 original smartphone case of Rapper and Thunder Bunny is on sale! 
Design of onion teacher has been added to new! (Orders delivered to it takes about two weeks for the production) <Product Description> Material: Case body / polycarbonate print: sublimation 3D curved surface thermal transfer printing Compatible models: Please check from the pull-down of "Please choose the type of case." . <For print> it will contain the surface and the side that hit the top of the case of the design print. Printing surface has glossy glossy. ■ Product image of this page will be the image of the case for the iPhone 5. It is part of the picture will not be visible depending on the model of the smartphone. Detail is.

When ordering please check well the model of the smartphone to mount a case. <About payment> because of the build-to-order manufacturing products, and after payment verification of order when the payment method you make a bank transfer. <About delivery> Please note that it takes 8-12 business days before shipment from the order because of the build-to-order manufacturing. (Business day is the day except for the basically Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. For the holiday of the year-end and New Year holidays and the Bon Festival to announce at any time the "Notice".) <For the simultaneous purchase of goods>Sumahokesu and custom T-shirts If the build-to-order manufacturing goods and layaway the goods on sale, such as the simultaneous order, I will send it out by all of the timing at which goods are met. If you wish to immediately deliver the sale items, please order separately from the build-to-order manufacturing goods and layaway. If you purchased the prints at the same time, only prints will be unaccompanied of than Art Print Japan. We offer international shipping at our ebay store . has also been published in.

Price: 2,700 Yen (JP) $263 (USD)
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