Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mini-notebook (3 volume set)

Mini-notebook (3 volume set) New version ♪ ♪ hand carry a small mini-notebook size is slightly longer than B7, it is w88mm x h142mm. The notes are 48 pages long, but not short of a thickness of 3 mm. It is easy to use also good because the surface of the medium is 4 mm grid. Lovely ♪ or if there is a decoration character of gold leaf on the top full handle ♪ I have been printed in color, looking back choose a set of 3 volumes ♪ favorite character (A) game PaRappa (PaRappa, PJ, Sunny ) (b) states Lamy (Lamy, Katie, Ma) (C) set of Thunder bunny (bunny thunder, mu Wonder, shy touch of horn)

Manufacturer: Art Print Japan
Price: 972 Yen (JP) $9.33135 (USD)
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